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Established in 1982, Multicom, Inc. is a manufacturer and full-line stocking distributor for end-to-end integration of communication solutions.

Multicom stocks over 13,000 products from more than 270 of the world's major manufacturers. These products are used to acquire, process and distribute television, data, voice, security, and traffic control signals over fiber optic, copper, and coax cable.

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Section 5: ARMADILLO® Closure Series

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® Series Overview

                             ARMADILLO Closure:
                                                        First new design for pressurized.
                                                        Craft-friendly, lighter weight.
                                                        Never requires re-entry kits.
                             ARMADILLO Stainless:
                                                        Industry standard for over 30 years, worldwide.
                                                        designed to offer superior performance, versatility
                                                        for virtually any application.
                             ARMADILLO Sealing Washer End Plates:
                                                        Eliminates major tooling costs, field drilling.
                                                        does not require extensive training.
                             ARMADILLO Drillable End Plates:
                                                        End plate system can accommodate a variety
                                                        of cables, cable sizes, and cable configurations
                                                        with either a two-section or a three-section end
                                                        plate design.
                                                        Available with ground and air valve inserts for air
                                                        pressurization, aerial support and grounding through
                                                        the end plate.

                          ARMADILLO® Selection Guide
                             Custom configure your individual components by following three simple
                             steps and using the easy to read ARMADILLO Closure and ARMADILLO
                             Stainless Capacities Selection Guide.

                          ARMADILLO® Closure Shell Kits
                             Features a universal flange assembly, allowing either pressurization or
                             encapsulated applications in one shell design.
                             Permanent gasket sealing system that requires no kits upon re-entry.
                             Lightweight plastic shells that include an area for company identification
                             and description.
                             Standard closure shell kit.
                             Closure shell kits with filling flange.
                             Closure shell kit with air valve.

                          ARMADILLO® Stainless Shell Kits
                             Precision-formed of stainless steel, inside liner of neoprene.
                             Permanent gasket-sealing system requires no re-entry kit or cleaning
                             upon re-entry.
                             LOCKBAR™ Fastening system, corrosion-resistant stainless steel front
                             and back bars that mate through the flange area.

                          ARMADILLO® Sealing Washer End Plates
                             Eliminates major tooling costs, field drilling and extensive
                             personnel training.
                             Maybe used for most OSP applications that do not require more than
                             one, two or three cable entry ports.
                             Features: universal inserts that allow grounding connections and air
                             pressurization through the end plate, cable entry plug spool for plugging
                             unused ports for future use.

                          ARMADILLO® Drillable End Plate Kits
                             Designed to take on your most demanding environments.
                             Maintain 15 psi when installed with ARMADILLO Stainless shells.
                             A choice for vault applications.
                             Feature a LOCK-TAPE™ sealing system.
                             Best option where field flexibility is necessary.

                          ARMADILLO® Stainless Kits
                             Kits include top and bottom shell halves, LCOK-BAR Assemblies,
                             torque bars and two 2-section end plate kits (except 3-section End
                             Plates with 12.5"). Bonding kit (where included) includes shield connectors,
                             pair protector and bonding braid.

                          ARMADILLO® Series Accessories
                                     Bonding Kit:
                                                     One long insulated Bonding Braid.
                                                     Three SURE-GRIP
™ shield connectors.
                                                     Four Pair Protectors.
                                                     Two short braids with eyelets (ARMADILLO Closure only).
                                                     Allows the joining of two 6.5" or 9.5" ARMADILLO
                                                     Closure shell kits or ARMADILLO Stainless shell kits
                                                     end to end.
                             Manhole Support:
                                                     Used in manhole applications where there is not cable
                                                     present at one end of the shell or when the cables
                                                     are inadequate in size for proper support.
                         BUNDLE-LOCK™ Kit:
                                                     Used to wrap the splice bundle in unfilled closures.
                                                     Contains a single, cut-to-size, clear plastic sheet and
                                                     four cable ties designed for use with any size
                                                     ARMADILLO Closure, ARMADILLO Stainless shell kit
                                                     or REDDI™ Seal Closure
             Cable Sheath Reinforcing Kit:
                                                     One plastic cable insert and one plastic shim.
                                                     Inserted between the metallic cable shield and
                                                     core wrap prior to applying any mechanical
                                                     telecommunications closure
       Double Sheath Cable Blocking Kit:
                                                     Used on double sheath cable in an ARMADILLO Closure
                                                     or ARMADILLO Stainless case.
                                                     Contains two plastic envelopes, resin kit, resin stirring
                                                     stick, sealant tape, application procedure.
                           Pressure Wrap Kit:
                                                     Contains web liner, one 8 ft. roll 1.75" sealant tape,
                                                     cable ties, grounding bar with braid.
                                                     Pressure Wrap Stretch Tape NOT provided.
                       Pressure Wrap Collar:
                                                     Forces the encapsulant into the splice and up into
                                                     the cable core.

                          ARMADILLO® Series Installation Materials/ Spare Parts
                       Installation Materials:
                                                     ARMADILLO Sealing Washers, contains four sealing
                                                     washer halves of the same size.
                                                     Prep Tape.
                                                     Cable R-Sealant.
                                                     End Plate Sealant.
™ Sealant for ARMADILLO Drillable End Plates.
                                                     Encapsulation Pressure Injection Kit.
      Installation Materials/Spare Parts:
                                                     ARMADILLO Plug Spool Kit.
                                                     Shell Lubricant.
                                                     LOCKBAR™ Fasting System for ARMADILLO
                                                     Stainless Shells.

                          ARMADILLO® Bolt Bars
                                         Bolt bars for ARMADILLO Closure Shells.
                                         Torque bars for ARMADILLO Closures and ARMADILLO Stainless.

                          ARMADILLO® Tools
                                         Socket tool kit.
                                         ARMADILLO sealing washer.
                                         Power end plate cut kit for ARMADILLO drillable end plates.
                                         Cable shaper tool.
                                         End plate removal tool.

                          ARMADILLO® Stainless w/Fire Retardant Drilled End Plates
                                         Custom system designed to upgrade existing vault closures
                                         without disturbing the splices or interrupting the service.
                                         Designed to remain watertight for water depth up to 10 feet.

                          ARMADILLO® Stainless for Vault Applications
Consists of three major components, the Stainless shells and
                                         two end plates. One end-plate is utilized for the feed cable
                                         and the other for the tip cables.

                          Encapsulation Kits for Buried Applications
                   RD Encapulant/Resin Kit:
                                                     Two component polyurethane compound providing
                                                     excellent moisture and electrical insulation protection
                                                     for telecommunications cable splices.
       Spacer mat/Re-Encapsulation Kit:
                                                     Three sizes for economical usage.
                                                     "one mix-one pour" application.
                                                     Excellent electrical properties.
                                                     Low exotherm.
                                                     Low viscosity.
                                                     Easy to mix.
                                                     Good working life with short cure time.
                                                     Hard set in 15-20 minutes.
                                                     Resilient and tough.
                                                     Shelf life 18 months.
                                                     Meets OSHA specifications, contains no MDA, MOCA,
                                                     or TDI.
                                                     Adhesion promoters are available on request.
                                   Spacer Mat
                       Re-Encapsulation Kit

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